“The Frame Unfolds”
Recorded on Nov. 18th, 2021 Virtual Live Performance at Meta Biennale hosted by ArtGate VR
Collaborative Composition and Improvisation by Chase Chandler and Motoko Honda

*Recommended to listen using headphones!

The “The Frame Unfolds” is a SINGLE TRACK ALBUM (14min.52sec) by Chase Chandler and Motoko Honda, capturing their very first collaboration and live performance together in the virtual reality space.
Chase Chandler and Motoko Honda co-composed and performed a collaborative piece about the expanding universe of virtual reality, entitled “The Frame Unfolds.” at the virtual reality event/Meta Biennale hosted by ArtGate VR on Nov. 18th, 2021.

Chandler in Southern California and Honda in Northern California at the time of their performance, and their images and sounds were both captured in real-time during the performance in both studios. No additional sounds were added post-production.

Atmospheric moods and dramatic harmonies showcase acoustic and digital sound expression through prepared piano with extended techniques, synths, vocals, and improvisation. Originally inspired by Thomas Wright’s book, An Original Theory or New Hypothesis of the Universe published in 1750, all text in this performance of “The Frame Unfolds” quotes his theories and musings about the universe. The awe expressed by Wright hundreds of years ago can be applied to our sense of virtual reality today.

  • Chase Chandler: Vocal, Electronics
  • Motoko Honda: Acoustic Prepared Piano (MotokoHonda.com)
  • Recorded by Chase Chandler
  • Mixed by Motoko Honda

ISRC: uscgj2234564

I would now willingly help you
to conceive the indefinite mutual Distance of the Stars,
in order to give you some small Notion of the Immensity of Space;
but as this will be a Task merely conjectural,
I shall only desire you to believe it as far as your Reason will carry you,
safely supported by an obvious probability.

What an amazing Scene does this display to us!
What inconceivable Vastness and Magnificence of power does such a Frame unfold!
[Stars] crowding upon [stars], to our weak sense, indefinitely distant from each other;
… a Universe of Worlds, all [spotted] with:
mountains, lakes, and seas,…
herbs, animals, and rivers,…
rocks, caves, and trees;
and all the product of an indulgent Wisdom,
to cheer infinity with endless beings.

But I find,
what I at first proposed will prove too long for this Letter.
I will endeavor to reward your Patience in my next.

Text/lyrics adapted from *Thomas Wright’s “An Original Theory or New Hypothesis of the Universe” (1750)*

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