A piece about missing the simpler times in life. Premiered by the composer with an 8-track pre-recorded/processed backing track on Nov. 13, 2021, at the POPS Performing Arts and Cultural Center in Dunsmuir, CA.

There was a time,
when the sky was just sky,
and blue was just blue.
There was a time,
my heart didn’t sink,
at the sight of grey.

There was a time,
when clouds were unknown,
and the cold unexpected.

There was a time,
where the world I could see,
was the only world existing,
unexpectedly free.

There was a time,
I was unaware of people,
of what others wanted,
or what they had,
or what they hated.

Were they aware of me?
Are they now?
Was I aware of them?
Were they even aware of me?
Do I even know them now?
Do they even know themselves?
Do I know myself?

There was a time,
I was safe and content
in the voids of my landscape.

There was a time,
I only compared this moment,
with the next.

There was a time,
when the sky was simply blue,
and time was a question for tomorrow.

There was a time I just was…

Copyright © Chase Chandler 2022


Interactive photography slideshow programmed by Brian Ellis


Photography by Anna Rankmore


Audio & Video Produced by Luminarcanum Records


Full album of the live concert available on Bandcamp!