“Purple Trees” is a 15-track, piano solo album of recent improvisations with the intent of creating a calming, pure atmosphere in a world full of conflict. Gentle melodies and beautiful harmonies weave in and out of the foreground over the course of this hour and twenty-minute piano music album dedicated to my mother.

I’ve always loved improvising for my mom, so I decided to make an entire album of piano improvisations to dedicate to her. Simple beauty is not always the easiest goal to make for an album, but I hope my genuine intent can be felt in the moments of pure improvisation I recorded here.

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Over the many years of self-publishing albums, my piano music has always received positive feedback from the most diverse audience. So if I could send off a wish with this particular album, I truly hope it can add beauty to those who listen. Apart from the complex, aleatoric, and often quite dissonant material I’ve composed, I genuinely am an advocate for harmonically pleasing music. Without dissonance, we could not have a resolution. And without beauty, we could not have conflict. So I’m happy to balance my portfolio a bit, by adding nearly an hour and a half of harmonious piano music.

Thank you for reading, listening, supporting, and sharing! Please let me know how you like it – reach out to me! Would love to hear from you.

UPC: 198003 946927
released August 5, 2022

– composed, produced, & mixed by the artist
– published under Musical Growth Publishing
– Chase Chandler 2022 © all rights reserved