Video premiere on March 23, 2022.

“PreSage” – for alto saxophone, classical guitar, and four pre-recorded vocals.

“Presage” (‘presij’) is defined as a sign or warning that something, typically something bad, will happen (like an omen). “Sage” is known to be symbolic for wisdom, strength, the element of air, and protection. This piece’s title plays off the creation of this work’s very existence – as scrolling graphic scores fill the audience’s screen, music not inherently “pre”-meditated would combine into an atmosphere of nearly-rhythmic, organized chaos.

Over the years, I’ve felt like we’re in a state of limbo. Are things going back to normal? Will there ever be a “normal” state again? This piece illustrates the self-talk we might all be experiencing. The encouraging things we tell ourselves to keep pushing onward.

Composed by Chase Chandler –

Performed by: Brian Ellis, Guitar and Voice –

Noah Becker, Saxophone and Voice –