Hello there! 

Considering supporting my work through Ko-fi.com? Well, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve tried to answer all the common questions one might have when supporting me via Ko-fi. I hope to have answered your questions, but if not, you are welcome to reach out!

“Ko-fi is a platform that’s similar to Patreon in that it allows people to make donations to various users, who are typically creators.”

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“Artists, Writers, Podcasters, and all kinds of creators use Ko-fi. It can be a simple tip-jar, a place to build a membership community or a super-easy way to sell products and commissions with just a link!”

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❤️ I LOVE working with a community of people. With Ko-fi, I can communicate directly with my supporters as well as make my own artistic decisions. I also keep my rights and royalties by sustaining my own publishing company (Musical Growth Publishing 🌱) and can make my own deadlines (so I can make time for my wife and dogs!👸🐕❤️🐕).

  • Essentially, you give Ko-fi your credit card 💳 (or PayPal) and you’re charged $4 or more on the same day every month. Those funds DIRECTLY support me, my collaborators, and any general costs (equipment, staff, hosting fees, marketing, etc.) so that I can share more music, art, or any multimedia experience with the public!

ALSO, Ko-fi ☕ doesn’t take a percentage of the money donated – one of the many reasons I believe Ko-fi is superior to other crowdfunding platforms. They really care about helping creators! ❤️

Very little of my work is commercially viable in today’s “money-making” industry.

Not by today’s standards/expectations anyway.

Apart from my pop music (and possibly jazz 🎶) most of what I do has very little pull in our current marketplace. To make enough in the industry today, I’d have to have millions of streams on Spotify, hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube, and constant content release on social platforms (something NO HUMAN should have to maintain 😒 – which is why most large companies are the few who find success in the music industry).

Investing my life via corporate advertisers or selling my soul to the pressures of daily social media marketing no longer seems like “artistic freedom” to me. 📣 I wanted to do something about it, so I started a Ko-fi page!

A large movement is beginning to take shape after COVID-19, where people are really starting to get it – artists are real people! If they’re going to “make it” and be happy working artists, they need ongoing and reliable support. 👥👥👥👥👥

Actually 🔊📛 >> for hundreds, if not thousands of years, music has always been funded through patrons. It’s actually only a SMALL period of history where this patron/artist model was disrupted by “the commercial music industry.”

Recently, mostly because of streaming services, most artists can no longer rely on album sales. Merch and ticket sales for touring are one of the main sources, but the sacrifice for this lifestyle is quite a lot and not even guaranteed. So, from what I’m seeing over the years, there’s been a reset towards how things have always been historically: >> patrons supporting artists.** 


The NEW frontier is NOW! 🎈🙌

Artists are no longer forced to rely on music gatekeepers, labels, managers, radio station curators, or social games of red tape and bureaucracy. We can now build our own ecosystem with predictable and consistent growth where we can interact directly with fans while retaining creative control. Thanks to the internet and automation, creative lifestyles are now more possible!

Our modern lives are quite busy and things fall through the cracks. But with automation and subscription-based support, everyone can thrive on their own routine and do things on their own time!

Essentially, if you’re a supporter per month – no pressure – listen when you’re able. There’s peace-of-mind knowing YOU are supporting me directly no matter what and that my music will always be on Ko-fi waiting for you, FREE 🎁 for my members, and ready to be downloaded at your leisure. 🎧🎹🎺

The top tier includes:

  • Free Downloads
  • Behind The Scenes
  • Exclusive Content
  • Exclusive Discounts
  • Join My Community
  • Participation in Community Polls
  • Direct Messages
  • Social Media Shout-out
  • Invitation to Monthly Town Hall Meetings with me!

In these dying days of arts funding, grants, and full-time teaching positions, crowd-funding has STILL been growing because people want to help more directly! And thanks to Patreon, GoFundMe, Kickstarter, and Ko-fi (my chosen platform), this is more doable than ever before.

“Art is for sharing, not for selling.” – Amanda Palmer (the Patreon artist who inspires me with her 11k supporters).

I love asking a lot of questions, sharing my thoughts, and wondering about your perspectives/input/feedback. You are never expected to answer, but know that I read every comment and care about every person, because I TRULY care about those who invest their time in me by listening to my music. I just want to double-check, always, if what I am doing is effective and if this community is working for everyone! 😁👍

Ko-fi is fairly new, compared to Patreon and others, but more are joining every day. We are trail-blazers! And I believe Ko-fi will grow to be the largest platform in the next few years.

So thank you for considering! And if you’ve already supported me or are currently supporting me on here already, THANK YOU. It is your kind heart and genuine care for my work that makes all this possible. 💞

If you’re not familiar with my music 🎵🎶, I invite you to explore my portfolio on my website:


You can also listen to everything I have published on streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, YouTube, even Bandcamp.

When new supporters first sign-up, they are emailed a private link for an exclusive download (as my way of saying thanks).

So, for example:

The first piece of exclusive content for my Ko-fi supporters is a lossless WAV audio file of my single 🎵: “Conscious.” This song is not available to purchase or download anywhere else on the internet!

I hold this one close to my heart because I started writing the text and melody during quarantine in 2021. It was completed/released over a year later on streaming platforms like Spotify, etc., on July 8, 2022, which was just before I began offering Ko-fi memberships. I’ve never forgotten my dream of freely expressing and creating music for others, but it has taken me my whole life up until this point to take the leap forward and start this patron/artist system!

So I love offering exclusive content as my way of saying thanks.

For digital albums and music, you can visit my Bandcamp site or you can join one of my Ko-fi memberships for free downloads!

All my physical merch 👕 can be found on my external site:



Through my many years of academic learning, music production lessons, private music & performance instruction, and traveling around the US meeting different musicians, composers, and artists, I’ve come to find a new purpose that has helped give a direction to all my creative projects. It’s time to start the post-style age of music – no more boundaries between genres or styles, academic & non-academic music. The intent, the purpose, the reasons behind art & music will always differ between person to person, but the value and human expression does not change between genres of music – it is all music! And it is all needed.

I hope to learn and attempt composing/writing in many, many styles so as to learn multiple disciplines of music and varying strategies for musical expression. Through this strategy, I hope to produce unique fusions that break the mold and help alleviate the need for lines to be drawn between artists (and people in general).

If you have any questions, you can contact me via the contact page on my website or you can send me a DM via Instagram. Those two places I check frequently (if not every day!).

So cheers! 🍻 And thanks for your support.

Let’s keep making all the stuff!!!! 🎉🎊

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