As an explorative side-project to challenge my creativity, a large project of mine was a science fiction novel entitled Firewood 11, self-published in 2019 under the pseudonym: Harlan Jay, With 75,000 words and 330 pages, I felt the book needed  visuals to break up the walls of text and invoke a new aesthetic for the described SciFi world. I began using the simplistic medium of pen and paper to create a series of complex abstract visuals to publish within the book.

Purpose of this Series

Illustrations were made as a visual representation of the complex art style referred to in the narrative. From page 100:

“… I look around me, noticing the complex geometrical designs covering every building and every bit of clothing.”

Short Description of the Book

The futuristic, totalitarian society around Lake Vostok forces Morris 1045 into a new position within the monopolized corporation of PixelOne. As his morals are questioned and his dissatisfaction with the priorities of the AI-run government become unbearable, Morris finds himself in a desperate situation between the cultural norms of humans, humanoids, and neurobines.

In a civilization where the needs of artificial intelligence take precedence, Morris sets out to find a universally accepted solution to break away from the dominance of the Sector-System’s virtual reality and save millions of conscious AI minds from a viral scourge the SSR has maintained for thousands of years.

With the help of numerology, programming, philosophy, and perseverance, Morris 1045 attempts to sway society’s emphasis away from virtual reality to prevent further environmental damage caused by humans and ignored by AI.

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People Involved

Harlan Jay, author.

Josiah Davis, editor.

Andy Zanca, graphic designer., marketing platform.

Copyrighted & published on July 15, 2019.