Music & visuals by Chase Chandler.

Using Tilt Brush VR, Unity, Adobe Premiere, and Logic Pro Studio, I’ve started experimenting with color theory and 3D design to create new atmospheres and musical experiences.

  • Within virtual reality, seen and experienced through my Oculus Quest, I first design a world/landscape/atmosphere by hand drawing it in virtual space.
  • I then export the Tilt Brush model into the Unity 3D game engine and automate the camera motion.
  • After recording the result, I then export and edit the video with Adobe Premiere.

While the viewer is engaged with the visual motion and interesting illusions of space and presence, the music may be experienced differently then when listened to by itself. There is a chance there is a unique level of engagement and immersion due to the complimentary relationship between the music and the video.

Video #1 – “ctrl+alt_delete[me]” – music by Zade Dardari; art/video by Chase Chandler

Video #2 – “Unwavering” – music/art/video by Chase Chandler

Video #3 – “Never Here” – music/art/video by Chase Chandler