RELEASED on May 5th, 2021

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“Amid its myriad flows and fusions, the history of the global occult reveals ‘hidden’ countercurrents of cultural connectivity between the far spaces of a world mysteriously conjoined.”*

“Between the Far Spaces” is a four-movement string quartet work that explores the psychological effects of cultural trends, more specifically, how people can influence others through the cascading effects of fear.

  • Movement one, “Occult,” begins with choral-like voice leading that balances evenly between the instruments, but the harmonic language quickly begins to explore less expected tonalities. Rhythmic gestures build momentum toward ebbs and flows of varying complexity to carry the listener toward new levels of intensity.
  • Movement two, “Torrent,” hangs on a fragile thread of calmness and eerie unity. The opening material weaves its way back in throughout this movement and hints toward an ominous atmosphere. And while the energy is less abrupt, a feeling of unease might accompany the unsettled nearly hidden aura of tension.
  • Movement three, “Cataclysm,” is where fear sets in and the energy of the moment becomes overwhelming. The illusion of safety from the previous movements begins to dissolve and the calamity of reality shines bright. Chaos ensues as the harmonic language thickens and the rhythmic complexity foreshadows a nearly unbearable situation. Perspectives are questioned as the comfortability of the “occult” no longer offers solace from the storm of reality.
  • Movement four, “Transmundane,” arrives with a loss of momentum and a loss of determination. Residual material from the previous movements continue to warp between the slow, relentless motion of time. Consistency reluctantly carries the almost heavy aesthetic of the fourth movement toward an unresolved end, hinting at the inevitable relapse.

From the philosophical perspective, “Between the Far Spaces” illustrates how if a feeling is strong enough, the air between one person and another can be inhabited by nearly tangible tension. A seemingly organic phenomena that, in of itself, is manufactured by emotional intelligence and human behavior. Similar worries between the minds of a community tend to be inherently taught by way of cultural conditioning, though often, such strong effects stay hidden in the subconscious. This system of ever-strengthening, subjective yet parallel perspectives, create waves of thought that traverse through conversation, through each word and each societal norm.

*Green, Nile. “The Global Occult: An Introduction.” History of Religions, vol. 54, no. 4, 2015, pp. 393.

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