Hello and welcome!

All of us have had to come up with some creative, quarantine solutions this year to continue involving music in our lives. Pre-recorded music performances, presented in the style of student recitals, are a great solution to continue performance practice and education by providing more opportunities to showcase talent and skill. Recording is not easy! It takes patience and determination to try again and again until there’s a “good” take (something that’s especially difficult for those of us who are perfectionists!). Some students have reported spending hours recording until they capture one performance they’re happy with!

So please watch ALL the videos to support everyone’s hard work during these strange and challenging times. We are all at different levels of musicianship, but we are all deserving of respect. So please value everyone’s performance by watching all the way through and liking the YouTube video (or even commenting!).

These are “unlisted” YouTube videos!

These videos can’t be publicly found on YouTube – only here, on this website page. You may share a certain YouTube’s link to friends and family, or share the link to this page if you’d like to share your performance!


This year has been difficult for many reasons, so I am so happy to provide this opportunity to my students without any participation or service fee! Musicians all need opportunities to share.

If you’ve enjoyed these online recitals,
please consider buying me a coffee as a friendly “thank you!”

Over these last five recitals, we’ve had 55 recital videos made! And it takes about 30min or more to produce a single video (more or less, though it depends!):

  • 55 videos x 30 min. = over 1,650 min. or 27 hours,  30min. of work!

At the very least, you can give back by watching and commenting on all the videos in this recent recital! Share the love and positivity by being present for other students’ hard work!

Please don’t forget to share your video with others!