“Piano Steps” is an improvisatory album with a calming and atmospheric mix of solo piano, nature sounds, and contemplative development – perfect for meditation, study, or general relaxation.


The creation of the album, “Piano Steps,” started in January 2018 and was released on August 28, 2018.

Organic 5-minute piano improvisations were recorded and edited to produce interesting flows of development and musical thought-processes. “Improvisation” is a form of meditation in a way – taking a simplistic musical idea and altering it slightly over the course of 5-minutes, focusing on overall shape and movement.

Chase Chandler, the musician/producer behind the album, uses improvisation as a form of meditation by closing his eyes and allowing musical ideas to flow into each other. This album goes about recording this process in order to share a raw and personally human listening experience with the community.

From calming nature sounds to soaring piano melodies, this album serves as a wonderful aid in studying, meditation, or general relaxation. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the atmosphere!

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