I. News of – Events have unfolded and you must be informed. The “news” is hesitantly
shared and chaos fills your mind, clouding your judgment.
II. Truth of – You don’t want to believe the “news,” but the “truth” sinks in. The feeling of urgency consumes you as you accept the situation, though slowly, it fades away leaving behind a sense of helplessness.
III. Commitment of – You cannot merely standby as events continue to unfold. Your proud energy grows to anger and leads you to “commit” your life to war.
IV. Days of – “Days” turn to weeks, weeks turn to months. Initial angst wears thin and fatigue takes its place. “Is this the world now?” “Is this, life?”
V. Dreams of – Arriving home distracts from years of turmoil, but cannot erase the stains of memory. Figments scratch their way through to remind you of distant continuing war.