Art & music by Chase Chandler

Mixed quintet piece in five movements.

I. The Walk to Limbo
A man separates himself from the town once a month and no one knows why, except for him. When the full-moon is about to show it’s light, this man walks to the forest outside of town to wait for it to be over.

II. Part Human
As this “human” man turns werewolf, he reminds himself he is still human and can stay sane turning his transformation. He has always stayed strong.

III. Trees Has Eyes
Try as he might to keep this part of his life a secret, he fears someone eventually will find out. The trees surrounding him in the forest seem to stare and hold his secrets.

IV. Only Fog, Only Minutes
As the “human” part of this werewolf controls the beast not to near the town, it does not subdue the fear. The fog rolls down the forest during this night and he keeps reminding himself, “only minutes… only minutes left.”

V. Paper Moon
A werewolf, unknown to the town, fights between sanity and insanity in the outer forest. As the moon begins to disappear, the human-half of the werewolf finds strength to envision the moon made out of paper – crushable, rippable, defeatable. He turns back into a man and walks back to town, only to repeat the inevitable cycle next month.

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